Air circulation and correct ventilation is very important in a glasshouse or greenhouse. Therefore, it is essential to have the correct amounts of vents and louvres in your glasshouse or greenhouse. Click here to see our greenhouse parts, and here to see our glasshouse parts.

Too few doors/vents/louvres can cause overheating and a subsequent suffocation of the plants and crops inside your glasshouse or greenhouse. In warmer seasons doors/vents/louvres should be left open day and night, unless a cold snap occurs. Also, keeping everything shut on a hot day will cause very high plant damage. However, we do offer auto vent openers on our range of glasshouses and greenhouses. These can be very helpful, as you do not need to worry about opening or shutting your ventilators in extreme weather conditions.


Glasshouses will also need more protection that greenhouses

There are three main methods of doing this:

  • Shade paint
  • Shade cloth panels held to inside with clips
  • Shade cloth kit over the outside

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