Owning a glasshouse or a greenhouse gives you so much satisfaction and enjoyment, it is important to invest in a quality one that will last over 10 years. The EDEN name is your guarantee that you cannot buy better quality.

There are many design features which make EDEN superior:


Eden enjoys having the reputation for the top quality glasshouses on the market today, plus the widest range of accessories to make any purchase work really well for you.
  • All glasshouse aluminium extrusions are made out of premium Comalco aluminium, while all glass is 4mm thick safety glass.
  • As well as this, auto-vent openers come standard with all glasshouse models. Ventilation is very important to ensure healthy, efficient plant growth.
  • All Eden models come with correct ventilation for cooler areas, while for warmer areas extra roof vents, extra wall louvres and/or doors both ends are all options with your glasshouse.
  • Eden crop clips are available to attach to the inside frame rafters for crop support chains or hanging baskets.
  • Insect mesh curtains are available for all openings (doors, roof vents and wall louvres).
  • Eden has a full range of exterior shade cloth kit options for all glasshouse models.
  • Eden glasshouses come standard with natural aluminium but powdercoating in a colour of your choice is available (please allow six to eight weeks for delivery of powder coated models).

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