Welcome to Edenlite’s glasshouse and greenhouse Accessories page. This is where you can find various accessories such as plant benches, Iriso watering spikes and shade paint to kit out your glasshouse or greenhouse.

Plant Benches

Our most popular growing accessory, the Eden Plant Benches are proven by thousands of customers to be extremely useful. Moreover, it is amazing how much more enjoyable it is inside your glasshouse or greenhouse when you have an elevated working surface of a plant bench. These are made from the highest quality Comalco aluminium and have stood the test of time for over 30 years worldwide. Coming in flat-pack form, the benches are easy and quick to assemble and will be an enjoyable and useful addition to your glasshouse immediately.

Irrigation Accessories

Our Iriso watering spikes are also very useful gardening accessories, offering a high quality drip-feed timer watering system that you can decide the perfect amount of water for your plants over a period of time. As well as this, our Drip Irrigation Kit also serves a similar purpose, letting you as a grower decide how much water your plants need over time.

Additionally, all our accessories are the best quality you can buy at competitive prices. Click on a product to find out more and/or to order.