People love Eden Glasshouses

because plants grow as nature intends...

Eden Aluminium Glasshouse manufactured in NZ

GH812D safety glass standard.

Eco Grow AA19E

Imported from RION Israel

Grand Royal GHG

Manufactured in Dunedin, New Zealand

Grand Gardener Clear AC38C

Imported from RION Israel

Welcome to Eden Glasshouses and Eden Greenhouses.
You can work with nature and provide protection from adverse weather conditions, such as cold and wind, as well as protection from pests and disease.
Growing your own food is immensely satisfying!
View the three overview videos below for important information.

Learn what make EDEN Glasshouses so special!

Take a tour through Edenlite’s Rion Ecogrow Greenhouse.

Join Bernadette on her journey through her Greenhouse to demonstrate the amazing power of Autopot!

Display Locations in Australia and New Zealand

Treat yourself to a visit!

The magical enchantment of Cloudehill Gardens Dandenong Ranges.

Eden Garden Auckland’s breathtaking vista.

The haunting heritage Woolmers Estate Launceston.

The above three locations all have cafe/restaurants. Mention glasshouse enquiry at reception for free entry.

Working Autopot systems at all above display locations

Victoria Gordon’s moving story on her Glasshouse

In  October 2016 my Mum received a birthday present from her very excited husband. It was a Eden brochure of a glasshouse. He had surprised her and was so happy to have come up with such an suitable present for a lady with a green thumb. Delivery was due a bit later so he had given her the brochure on her birthday. After that they went away on holiday – a much looked-forward-to cruise in Asia and a chance for a life long dream to come true to see Orangutans in the wild. Sadly while in Singapore Mum’s husband passed away.  When we came back  the glasshouse had been delivered – his final gift. We had it installed where he had already chosen to put it and when it was erected had a few people round to christen it in his memory. So this photo  is of the glasshouse in site. One day Mum looked out the window and even though it was a dismal day there was a beautiful rainbow perfectly situated over the glasshouse. We quickly took a photo and were so pleased and she joked that it was her husband sending her a sign. Unbeknown to her I took the photo and had it enlarged and framed and on her husband’s birthday we gave it to her. Coming up with a caption is a bit tough because although it is just a glasshouse it means much more to us. Also he would have loved to seen his name appear so I guess that would make him chuckle – so my attempt at a caption is:
“A gift that was received from heaven – a rainbow and Ross Allen”

– Victoria Gordon

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About us

Edenlite Ltd. manufactures Eden Glasshouse Kitsets from New Zealand aluminium at our Head Office and Manufacturing Base in Dunedin, New Zealand. We also supply gardeners across Australia and New Zealand with Premium Greenhouses from RION Israel, imported under our Eden brand (shipments direct to New Zealand).

Stock is also maintained in Melbourne, Australia.

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