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GH812 Glasshouse
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Grand Royal Glasshouse
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Grand Gardener Greenhouse

Home of Premium Greenhouses and Glasshouses

Welcome to Eden Glasshouses and Eden Greenhouses.

You can work with nature and provide protection from adverse weather conditions, such as cold and wind, as well as protection from pests and disease.

Here at Edenlite, we only provide greenhouses that are tried and tested to offer superb longevity, reliability and unrivalled quality.

The Eden range is made by our own team in New Zealand, with the country’s gardeners in mind. Our Ecogrow and Grand Gardener ranges all the way from Israel and come with a 10-year warranty. All the ranges’ distinct style add a touch of grace to any garden and have clever designs that allow ease of construction.

Pick any greenhouse from our suite and you are sure to receive a premium quality greenhouse that gives your plants optimal protection.

With Edenlite, growing your own food is immensely satisfying!

View the three overview videos below for important information.

Learn what make EDEN Glasshouses so special!

Take a tour through Edenlite’s Rion Ecogrow Greenhouse.

Join Bernadette on her journey through her Greenhouse to demonstrate the amazing power of Autopot!

Why Use A Glasshouse Or Greenhouse?

Because of the immense satisfaction and achievement of assisting Nature growing healthy vegetables, flowers and plants. Glasshouses and greenhouses …

  • Provide a haven for you
  • Provide a haven for your plants
  • Lengthen your growing season
  • Provide a shelter from sunburn
  • Provide options to prevent overheating
  • Protect from heavy rain
  • Protect from pests, birds and animals
  • Protect from wind
  • Protect from cold
Planning & configuring glasshouses and greenhouses before purchase

Because glasshouses and greenhouses provide immense enjoyment, it is worthwhile to get things right so Nature can perform well on your behalf.  People often wish they had chosen a larger model so go for your maximum!

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“A gift that was received from heaven – a rainbow and Ross Allen”

See interesting vegetable information and recipe ideas

Spring is the perfect time to plant your tomatoes.
Whether a novice or an expert gardener, the Autopot Starter Kit And Trellising Kit will definitely make planting a healthy and delicious tomato a breeze.

Display Locations in Australia and New Zealand

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Eden Garden- Auckland’s garden jewel

Hamilton- Delia’s Little Plant Shop

Wellington- Coming

Christchurch- Coming

Dunedin- Visit us in Mosgiel, and view the greenhouse at East Taieri School

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