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Welcome to Edenlite Glasshouses and Greenhouses.

Here at Edenlite, we believe in putting the gardener first, which is why we’ve provided superior quality products worldwide for over 50 years. We will work with you throughout the buying process, from the first ideas and concepts right through to the tasty fresh produce on your table for decades to come.

Why buy a glasshouse? Because of two simple reasons:

  • Glasshouses massively extend your growing season through both sides of Spring! We’ve had customers producing tomatoes right through winter to September!
  • Sheltered gardening protects plants from harmful diseases, pests, bad weather and much more. Sun, wind and snow are no longer a worry when you have an Eden glasshouse or greenhouse. Our glasshouses are rated to 130km/h winds, and are tried and tested against New Zealand’s unpredictable weather. Don’t risk losing out on your growing season due to inferior products or adverse weather conditions.

If you invest in an Eden glasshouse you can enjoy our timeless design, along with the incredible build quality that makes Eden stand out from the competition. Our glasshouses  have stood the test of time – and we now offer an incredible 20 year warranty on all our aluminium glasshouses.

Simply put, Eden is the best you can buy.
Planning and Configuring your Glasshouse
Eden glasshouse Swinburne

Learn what make EDEN Glasshouses so special!

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Why Use A Glasshouse Or Greenhouse?

Because of the satisfaction and sense of achievement that comes from helping Nature in growing healthy vegetables, flowers and plants. As well as this, glasshouses and greenhouses …

  • Massively extends your growing season!
  • Hugely increases produce quantity and quality.
  • A great place to chill out with a book or a glass of wine. A haven for you – and your plants!
  • An attractive addition to any garden or landscape.
  • Provides a highly customisable product with an enjoyable assembly process.
  • Helps you to work with nature for enjoyable and enduring results!
Planning & configuring glasshouses and greenhouses before purchase

Because glasshouses and greenhouses provide immense enjoyment, it is worthwhile to get things right so Nature can perform well on your behalf. Besides that, people often wish they had chosen a large model, so go for your maximum!

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“We honestly couldn’t do without it – the most important part of our garden!”

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Spring is the perfect time to plant your tomatoes.
Moreover,whether a novice or an expert gardener, the Autopot Starter Kit And Trellising Kit will definitely make planting a healthy and delicious tomato a breeze.

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Palmerston North: Pedley’s Nursery @ 32 Queen Street, Feilding

Dunedin:  Visit our showroom! @ 1 Thomas Burns Street, Dunedin

Wellington & Christchurch: We are currently working to bring displays to you!

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