George & Joy’s 47 year old EDEN Glass House!


George & Joy’s 47 year old EDEN Glasshouse still going strong!

Eden Glasshouses really do stand the test of time! Check out George and Joy’s beloved Glasshouse. Pictured above is George & Joys’s 47 years old EDEN Glasshouse still going strong!

George and Joy purchased their glasshouse back in about 1970. Picture this – as they purchased it assembled, they took the glass out – Joy lifted the back and George lifted the front and they walked it back home! Three quarters of a mile in the old money – or about a 1km as we know it! Can you imagine that happening today? Way to go George and Joy, what a team!

It’s fantastic that glasshouses really do see us through the generations, from providing a way that we can provide food and flowers for our young families, through to giving us an interest in our retirement!

You will not need to carry yours home!


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“Well we are both in our mid-eighties, it’s still in daily use. Indeed the grape is just in flower and the Antirrhinum’s germinating, and lots of Geranium cuttings. Congratulations, EDEN on your fiftieth birthday!”

– George and Joy Paterson