Protection From Wind

Protection From Wind is Essential!

Make sure your insurance covers storm and wind damage to your glasshouse. This protection is essential in case of damage.

Glasshouses and Greenhouses need windcloth 1m out from the walls to the height of the walls. You can also grow hedgings or shrubs on the windcloth if you wish. A wind Reducer is better in comparison to a wind Stopper, as a full wall will create a vortex over the top. If you have wind shelter close by, such as your house or a large tree. This is useful as it will break the wind for 2x the distance of the shelter height.

Note: Buffeting winds may only come once every five years but when they do they have been known to cause devastating damage.

If you’re unsure what protection your glasshouse or greenhouse needs please contact us – we’d love to help. Tell us your experiences with wind by commenting below!


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