Don’t let having a small growing space stop you from having your own greenhouse garden. Enjoy the satisfaction of growing healthy, beautiful plants with Edenlite’s mini greenhouses in NZ. Our products are available throughout New Zealand and are on display in our gardens on Omana Ave, Auckland, Cullimore St, Hamilton, Mandeville St, Christchurch and Gladstone, Dunedin.

Known for providing quality greenhouses and glasshouses, we see to it that our mini greenhouses are fit for New Zealand’s most discerning gardeners. Our range of mini greenhouses for sale is specifically designed to solve gardeners’ space limitations. Our products are made with the highest quality materials and are engineered to allow easy construction. They can also be configured to your liking if you want extra doors, vents, louvres and a shade cover kit.

View our range and discover that when it comes to greenhouses and glasshouses, you can’t buy better than Edenlite.


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The Eden 10 Series glasshouses are ideal for the gardener requiring a heavy duty product that will withstand the harsh conditions that many areas experience. This design incorporates the flexibility and space of a large growing environment with the Eden modular concept, allowing options for partitioning and extra doors on request.


Double doors
2x 3-Blade Louvre
2x Roof Vents with Auto Openers
4mm Grade-A Toughened Safety glass as standard


Length 3100mm
Width 3100mm
Height to Ridge 2850mm
Height to Eaves 1940mm

EDEN 10 Series Glasshouse GH1010D

The GH1010D is one of the smaller models in the 10 Series range. However, it is still a serious growing unit and is perfect for any serious backyard horticultural operation, or just for simply relaxing in with an outdoor entertainment area setup.

Because of the aesthetically pleasing lines, endless powder coating options and classic, contemporary build, this model is a favorite for landscape designers.

Comes with 2 louvres and 4 vents with automatic openers for the perfect amount of airflow throughout the house. This helps keep the plants cool and allows for optimum growth. We recommend adding more for warmer climates. Extra doors are also a good option to consider.

Also, don’t forget about kitting it out with our premium range of accessories!

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Customise your glasshouse now with an endless range of options

Extra Doors

Add an extra door for added ventilation and access.

Extra Wall Louvres

Add an extra adjustable 3 blade louvre window. An essential part of any glasshouse is to help improve air flow so that plants are kept in optimal growing conditions. Helps control air temperature.

Extra Manual Roof Vents

Roof vents are a very important part of any glasshouse. These provide airflow through the house so that plants don’t overheat or die. We recommend installing extra vents in hotter areas.

Insect Mesh Screens

We manufacture easy to fit insect screens to fit on the outside of the Louvre vents and on the inside for the Roof vents (suitable for auto- vents only) Vent screens are also available for replacement panes of glass for your doors for extra ventilation.

Base Kit

The base is manufactured from an Aluminium extrusion. By using an Eden base kit you increase the wall height of the glasshouse by 120mm and have a lower door threshold for ease of access.

When a glasshouse is ordered with a base kit, we attach the base to the bottom sill of the glasshouse and supply the required number of aluminium anchors to suit.

Shade Cover Kit

The Eden Shade Cover Kit comes complete with one piece of UV protected shade cloth and aluminium brackets to attach it to the outside of your Eden Glasshouse. It helps prevent heat buildup in your glasshouse and shields your plants from direct sunlight by controlling and reducing 70% of sunlight exposure. Quick and easy to install, it can also easily be re-positioned for changing seasons or crops.

Powder Coating

Add powder coating to your glasshouse, you can choose any standard NZ Steel Color or any standard Dulux colour of your choice, allow up to 6 extra weeks for power coating. Note: powder coating is purely aesthetic.

NOTE: dimensions may be understated, please contact us for exact measurements if required.


The Eden greenhouse line is manufactured by our very own team specifically for New Zealand’s conditions and is engineered to AU and NZ’s standards. All Eden greenhouses are made with premium quality glass panels and aluminium frames. Their design has the characteristic Edenlite modern, streamlined lines with a selection of muted powder coating colours. All our Eden greenhouses come in kitsets making assembly easy. The Eden line is also modular in design allowing your greenhouse to grow with your garden.
You can see the beauty of our mini greenhouses for sale for yourself. Find our nearest display centre or talk to our friendly sales team on 0508 333 654.