Premium Polycarbonate Greenhouse in NZ

Premium Polycarbonate Greenhouse in NZ

Spring starts earlier, and autumn finishes later with Edenlites’ polycarbonate greenhouses for NZ’s most successful gardeners. We bring to the country greenhouses from the world’s leading polycarbonate greenhouse manufacturer, RION, along with a 10-year warranty.

We have the stylish Ecogrow greenhouse line as well as the stunning Grand Gardener. To help you enjoy customised and prolonged use of your greenhouses, we have the widest range of accessories and spare parts in New Zealand.

Made with virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels, our greenhouses offer impressive durability and insulation. They are made with 100% UV-protected polycarbonate panels that protect plants from damage and burn. The greenhouses’ frames have pin and lock connectors, eliminating the need for tools for assembly and making construction easy.

We offer installation services in most areas. View our range of polycarbonate greenhouses for sale and contact us today.

Gardening Made Easy with Twin-wall Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Why Choose Polycarbonate Greenhouses?

Many discerning gardeners are buying polycarbonate greenhouses because of their advantages. Having polycarbonate panels, the engineering plastic lends its superior mechanical and thermal properties to greenhouses.

Excellent insulation

Polycarbonate panels are made of plastic and have excellent heat retention properties, providing plants with outstanding insulation.


Polycarbonate panels can withstand damage and last longer. It can be more forgiving in environments with pets and young children.

Easy to assemble

Polycarbonate panels are lighter than other materials, making assembly, fitting and replacement fast and easy. Replacement parts are also easy to find.

Outstanding light diffusion

Greenhouses with opaque polycarbonate offer better light diffusion than greenhouses with clear panels, making the former perfect for housing already established plants.

Excellent UV protection

Polycarbonate panels naturally have UV filters. They help your plants receive all the warmth and energy it needs from the sun without its harmful radiation.

Visit Our Displays

You can see our range of beautiful twin-wall polycarbonate greenhouses at our display centres. Find the nearest one today or contact us on 0508 333 654.