Max/Min Thermometer

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An essential for the glasshouse gardener, this thermometer holds maximum and minimum temperatures until reset. Simple to use, sturdy, push-button reset. - 40 to +50 °C

220mm x 90mm


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Eden Maximum/Minimum Thermometer

The Eden Maximum/Minimum Thermometer is a popular product for the New Zealand gardener and is an essential part of any garden. Being able to view the temperature range in which your plant are growing is very important. This also gives you a good idea of what climate they grow best in and how well they respond to unexpected changes in temperature.

The Maximum/Minimum Thermometer is easy to use. Simply push the button to set it. The maximum temperature will then be shown by the base of the marker on the right hand side. Likewise, the minimum temperature will be shown by the base of the marker on the left hand side. The bottom of the two lines will show the current temperature.

If the thermometer is left in the direct heat of the sun, please note that recordings may be affected. Hang in upright position.

More About Edenlite

Edenlite is a 100% New Zealand company that manufactures quality glasshouses. We are the pioneers of the Aluminium Glasshouse. With the first model built in 1967, we have had over 50 years’ experience at the top level and have thousands of units all over the world. As a result, this experience has paid off and we now have tried and proven models that will not rust, warp, decay or ever need painting. Why? As the inventors of the modern aluminium glasshouse, all out units are 100% aluminium or stainless steel. This ensures a rich investment that will last for a lifetime of gardening satisfaction. Our quality glasshouses also include many standard features such as lockable sliding doors, auto vent openers, and an aluminium base kit to name a few. We also offer a range of other accessories such as plant benches, shade kits, crop support clips, and growing material.

Why Buy a Glasshouse?

Few activities compare with glasshouse gardening for relaxation and contentment. Likewise, the vast range of fruit, veges, flowers and herbs you can grow all year round is almost limitless.  Chances are, if you take up gardening or buy a glasshouse, you’ll be hooked for life. That’s why it is so important to make the right choice about what glasshouse you invest in. At Edenlite, we have over 50 years’ experience in making high-quality, easy to assemble aluminium glasshouses. The Eden design incorporates the highest quality Comalco Aluminium and Grade A toughened safety glass. This also uses strong, but slim alloy sections to provide an exceptionally strong and lightweight structure that is windproof and will survive whatever the elements throw at it.

Edenlite also has a range of glasshouse, greenhouse and gardening accessories that are essential for any garden. These include our range of quality aluminium plant benches, auto vent openers for your glasshouse or greenhouse, shade kits, and much more. Another garden necessity is the Autopot system. This is a self-watering hydroponic system that lets the plants do the work. Go on holiday for a week without worrying about watering your garden! See more about the incredible Autopot system here.

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Max/Min Thermometer


Max/Min Thermometer