Grand Gardener Roof Vent Unit

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This Grand Gardener Roof Vent Unit comes with manual adjusting lever, and can be easily retrofitted to an existing Grand Gardener Greenhouse, providing extra ventilation and improved air circulation.


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Grand Gardener Roof Vent Unit JA20G

The Grand Gardener Roof vent unit JA20G is designed to increase the air circulation in your Grand Gardener Greenhouse. This unit also reduces humidity and improves air circulation to keep your greenhouse cooler on warm days.

  • Provides additional air ventilation
  • Also increases circulation when paired with the side louvre window
  • Helps regulate temperature and humidity levels
  • Manual adjustment for variable airflow
  • Fitting an automatic vent opener will also provide optimal airflow

Note: These are not compatible with the smaller Ecogrow range, or any aluminium glasshouses.

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Grand Gardener Roof Vent Unit


Extra Grand Gardener Roof Vent Unit