Aluminium Bench 2 Tier 500 x 1600mm

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Eden plant benches are made in New Zealand of quality aluminium. Light in weight for moving around your greenhouse easily. Comes in kitset form.

Width 1600mm
Depth 500mm
Benchtop height 720mm
Bottom shelf height 200mm


The Eden aluminium bench 2 tier 500 x 1600mm is made from high quality Comalco Aluminium. This quality extrusion is designed to stand up to the harsh NZ conditions and last a lifetime. Although they are lightweight, they are able to carry over 130kg on each of the first and second tiers. This strength rating places these benches firmly among the toughest on the market.

They are proven by thousands of customers to be an essential part on any garden. It is amazing how much more enjoyable it is inside your glasshouse or greenhouse when you have a working surface of a plant bench. These also pair well with the Autopot system, as the tanks are to be elevated 1m above the ground for the mineral-rich nutrient which flows from them into the plants. These benches provide the perfect height for this, and are also strong enough to hold three full tanks plus other accessories on the second tier.

Our benches come in an easy-to-assemble kitset form. They can also be powder coated to match the finish of your glasshouse or greenhouse.

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