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Elements to Consider in Selecting a Greenhouse for Your Garden

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woman watering plantsFactors to Consider When Selecting a Greenhouse or Glasshouse for your Garden

There are many different factors to consider when choosing the best glasshouse or greenhouse for your garden. Whether you’re a new gardener or a seasoned horticulturist, the controlled atmosphere of a greenhouse helps you obtain the best growing environment creating an amazing garden.

Important elements to consider when selecting a greenhouse:


Take note that a greenhouse should retain warm air during winter and release hot air during the summer. When choosing a greenhouse, consider accessories that contribute to airflow, such as roof vents or window louvres that allow air to flow through the structure. Some greenhouses can also be attached to exhaust fans to prevent overheating during the warm months in extremely hot areas.

Winter Insulation

Both glasshouses and greenhouses help to retain warmth. To maximise heat trap value, consider a pile of small dark pavers in each glasshouse corner. Also, insulating any floor areas with black plastic and then two layers of dark paver, will provide a good heat trap to warm up during the day and release heat at night.

Protection from Sunburn

Sensitive plants will benefit from shade cloth inside or outside the glasshouse roof from the midsummer midday sun.

Choose Edenlite Greenhouses Durability

It is important to have your greenhouse made of quality materials. In colder areas, the weight of snow may need consideration.

From large to small greenhouses for sale, Edenlite has everything you need to grow your plants. Our polycarbonate greenhouses are made using the finest materials that can withstand the tough weather conditions of New Zealand. They are made by an internationally recognised polycarbonate manufacturer in Israel, Palram.

We also have many parts and accessories designed for our greenhouses such as roof vents, automatic louvre windows, aluminium shelves and more. At Edenlite, you are certain to find the right greenhouse that enhances the growth of your plants.

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