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A gift that was received from heaven…

Last October [2016] my Mum received a birthday present from her very excited husband [Ross Allen]. It was a Eden brochure of a glasshouse. He had surprised her and was so happy to have come up with such an suitable present for a lady with a green thumb. Delivery was due a bit later so he had given her the brochure on the day. After that they went away on holiday – a much look forward to cruise in Asia and a chance for a life long dream to come true to see Orangutans in the wild. Sadly while in Singapore Mum’s husband passed away. It was a terrible time of course with a funeral in Auckland 4 days before Christmas. We waited in Auckland for his ashes and headed back home to Taupo. When we came back to the house we discovered the glasshouse had been delivered – his final gift. We had it installed where he had already chosen to put it and when it was erected had a few people round to christen it in his memory.

So the photo we have sent you is of the glasshouse in site. My Mum had had a particularly hard day with her grieving. The following day she looked out the window and even though it was a dismal day there was a beautiful rainbow perfectly situated over the glasshouse. We quickly took a photo and were so pleased and she joked that it was her husband sending her a sign. Unbeknownst to her I took the photo and had it enlarged and framed and on her husband’s birthday we gave it to her.

Coming up with a caption is a bit tough because although it is just a glasshouse it means much more to us. Also he would have loved to seen his name appear as I guess that would make him chuckle – so my attempt at a caption is:

“A gift that was received from heaven – a rainbow and Ross Allen”

Victoria Gordon (Taupo)

Eden GH68S Glasshouse:

Grandma Glasshouse 1
9 Months old as of 12/18

The Edenlite greenhouse was easy to assemble. Four pairs of hands are best for some stages but I was mostly able to construct it on my own. The components were well bagged and labelled to assist construction and minimise error. The auto roof opener is a must – so too the louvre window to reduce heat during summer.

Edenlite’s salesman recommended that I assemble it onto a foundation of two or three layers of 100x100x2550 fence posts, which I did. It’s good advice if you have anyone using it who’s taller than about 180cm. I built in a couple of small raised planters, situated near the front doors, which I use mainly for herbs.  The rest of the greenhouse is floored with square pavers.

I was initially reluctant to buy a greenhouse, thinking it could wait until I was past 65 and completely retired, but that would’ve been a mistake. Owning and using one these past 9 months has been a lifestyle improvement. An added bonus is being able to sit in it during winter days for a hour or two, either reading a book or surfing the internet, in an environment that’s not only warm but full of sunlight and oxygen!

I’ve grown corgettes, beetroot, corn, capsicum, celery, beans, eggplant, many herbs, and of course tomatoes – all from seed and staged to transplant outside once half grown and hardy – about 50 tomato plants so far. My wife and I will next month be making much soup, relish, sauce, pesto and puree to last us (as well as a few friends and family) right through 2019…yep – definitely a lifestyle improvement. Thank you, Edenlite.

Christopher Watson (Wellington)

Eden AB25GO Grand Gardener Greenhouse:

Great growing system!

My wife, Susan had always been a keen and capable gardener with the strength and stamina to complete the most demanding physical jobs in our backyard. So it was a bitter blow when in 2008 she suffered a severe stroke that left her significantly disabled. No longer able to enjoy working in the garden her frustration was obvious and so we hit upon the idea a investing in an Eden glasshouse.

We already had the perfect spot in the yard – a concrete slab left after we removed the old garage. The glasshouse arrived in Mid 2010. At first I was a bit daunted by the prospect of constructing the frame but I convinced myself it was just a life-size Meccano kit and with a bit of help I managed to set it up without too much difficulty; I even managed the glazing without breaking a single pane! The addition of galvanised benches plus an automatic watering system and the glasshouse was ready for use.

We both enjoy the benefits of being able to grow plants throughout the year. Sue has become skilled at growing and potting up seedlings and taking cuttings and we always have a ready supply of flowers for the garden. We have also tried our hand at growing native plants for our local Bushcare scheme achieving success with Flannel Flowers, Kangaroo grass, Kunzia and Wonga vine to name just a few. Sometimes, on the coldest days of winter I can find Susan just sitting in the glasshouse soaking up the heat of the sun and recently a Perons Tree Frog has taken up residence to help us control the bugs!

The glasshouse has stood up well to the elements although we had to replace the shade cloth after 8 years as the cockies decided it was fun to sit on the roof pole and rip holes in the material. I give it a thorough clean each winter and do my best to keep it pest and disease free.  I hope you like the photos of the glasshouse. Feel free to use them on-line.

Shaun Keays-Byrne (Sydney, Australia)

Eden GH612S Glasshouse:

Dream plants glasshouse

I bought my Eden glasshouse on March 20th 2018 and it was installed April the 5th. It was quite an early time of year to consider to establish the glasshouse as the low temperature by the bad weather made some of my plants freezing and died. I don’t want them gone as I grew them since they were small. I knew that glasshouses or greenhouses can keep warm when the winter coming and plants would be safe and remain healthy. Also I really love tropical plants, so to buy a glasshouse with the best quality in New Zealand, I chose Edenlite’s. You realised my dream.

From 21st April, I spent more than $600 and delivered amount of plants to do the glasshouse landscaping. Also made a small zone to grow some vegetables. I’ve given a lot of vegetables to my friends and they all enjoyed the homemade vege so far. With spring here, all the plants are growing so well it is like a competition. Regular maintenance, proper watering and fertilization, maintaining a humidity of more than 60%, and a temperature of not less than 5 degrees Celsius in the coldest period that can ensure the growth of plants and a safe environment. Thanks heaps for Edenlite provide the good glasshouse. If any questions please fell free to ask. I hope my glasshouse can be published and help more customers.

Kai Niu (Hamilton)

Eden GH68S Glasshouse:

A great addition to our garden

Its been great. Quite easy to put up with clear booklet and boxes and many bits clearly labelled. The rubber strips were a mission especially on the bottom grooves which dont seem to be as deep as the grooves in the uprights. We placed it on 100×75 framing on short piles to make it level with deck at the side of the house. Has withstood some 80k winds with no issues and provides an attractive sheleter from the wind too. Gets pretty hot now in summer but keeping the double doors at each end open in the daytime works a treat. The plants love it….never seen such big tomatoes and kumara…everything seems to thrive. We also enjoy sitting in it on colder days and the grandchildren like playing there. So we’re very pleased with it….

Mike & Jill (Auckland)

Eden AC63C Grand Gardener Greenhouse: 

A highly effective Autopot/Eden Greenhouse combination

My greenhouse is a haven of hope in this season. Everything is thriving. I have had so many tomatoes (Campari, Money Maker and Roma) that I have had to buy a dehydrator to handle the surplus crop. Once all the fruit have been harvested, I will cut these back and pray they rest for a while. I have had tomatoes in my greenhouse right through winter although things slowed down considerably and I was getting about three or four tomatoes a week. My solitary watermelon is full of promise; there are tiny rock moons coming on the two plants in the greenhouse and I have enjoyed two enormous eggplants previously. New buds are forming fruit now and there has been an endless supply of capsicums and hot chillies. Look at the enormous Lebanese cucumber next to the enthusiastic Eggplant. I will have to extend the height of the stakes just to keep them from overwhelming the floor of the greenhouse. Way at the back wall, my shout of success (so far as growing one from seed), is my Okra. I have not been able to grow one successfully in spite of my faith and perseverance. This has thrived and I have tremendous ambitions for it. If faith of a mustard seed is all it takes, perhaps I ought to consider planting a mustard tree.

Hope sprang in the spring of my garden and I sprang into action sowing seeds, cleaning out my Autopot system, weeding and transplanting seedlings. It’s paid off in ways I could not have imagined. I move tired plants out of my greenhouse, trim and cut them down then park them in shady areas so they can rest. Many like chillies and tomatoes rejuvenate after a few months and seem determined to burst into fruitfulness again. Between my Autopot and Yates Self-Watering pots, my plants have thrived and we are all happy and hopeful.

Bernadette How (Auckland)

Eden AB38GO Greenhouse:

Our Eden GH812D glasshouse and Ecogrow AA19E greenhouse have been very good indeed. They look amazing, we’re very proud of them and everybody comments on them when they visit our store! It was an easy and interactive buying process from the first ideas right through to finishing off the installations, Edenlite kept us in the loop at all times and we were very pleased to work with them. As you can see in the pictures, we also have numerous Autopot units inside the houses, they were installed in November 2018 and we began picking delicious tomatoes and colourful flowers were budding within a week! We couldn’t be more pleased with the glasshouse, greenhouse and Autopot accessories and their undeniable quality, it goes to show that you pay for what you get and this was worth every penny. P.S. You can buy your own Eden glasshouse or greenhouse from the team at Needful Things Garden Centre in Kerikeri!

 Needful Things Garden Centre (Kerikeri)

Eden GH812D Glasshouse:

Eden AA19E Ecogrow Greenhouse:

At Struan Farm in Piopio we LOVE our Edenlite glasshouse. It’s going into its fourth year. We grow salad greens throughout winter, but it really hits its peak in spring with tomato, flower and veggie seedlings that we grow for our extensive veggie and flower gardens. This year we donated several hundred tomato plants to the Piopio Community Fruit & Veg Stand to share with our local community too. Could not do without it!

Karen Barrett/John Robertson (Waitomo)

Eden GH812D Glasshouse:


We have had our Eden glasshouse now for approximately 4 years, after putting it together ourselves following easy instructions. We love it, we can grow vegetables all year round. The floor we lined with bricks to keep the heat in and we plant all our vegetables in bags. Tomatoes; cabbage; cauliflower; beans; carrots; capsicum; lettuces; chillies; strawberries; eggplant; leeks; broccoli. Our tomatoes have flowers on them by the beginning of October. We have toughened glass in our glasshouse and it withstood cyclone Ita. We have hydraulic opening windows so we don’t have to worry about ventilation. When it’s hot they open and when it cools they close. We are so delighted with our Eden glasshouse we are going to get a second one.

Susan Watson (Westport)

Eden GH812D Glasshouse:

Hey Edenlite Team. My Eden Glasshouse was bought in 1975. Was erected on my North lawn, shifted in 2003 to my Southeast paddock and yet another shift in 2013 to is current final resting spot in my Eastern backyard. How versatile is that? With stepping stones from my back deck to the glasshouse door don’t even have to take off my socks when I want some veges. Would 100% plus recommend this glasshouse.

“Lynn of Eltham” (South Taranaki)

Eden GH68S Glasshouse:

Photo 1 on the left: end on view Charlton near Gore

A standard 3.2 by 2.4 m Eden glasshouses was self erected in 1978 on a poured concrete found. Outside a sheep’s carcass was buried and a Black Hamburger grape planted over it and led in thru a hole in the base. I had an auto ventilator and auto water system rigged and grew tomatoes capsicums and peppers as well as the grapes. Sold to my son in 2005 and he still makes it work!

Photo 2 on the right: 4 Mary Lane, Lake Hawea

Once again the same glasshouse erected by me in 2005. Not so automated as we tend to be at home more these days. Our family has had 43 enjoyable years from Edenlite products.

 Peter Hook (Gore, Wanaka)

Eden GH812D Glasshouse:


Hi guys, just wanted to say what a great product you guys build. I got mine second hand from a lady who was gonna scrap hers. My husband and i went out and picked up the derelict looking glasshouse. We bought it home, stripped it, scrubbed and waterblasted the frame and then set to getting it setup. New glass and clips later, i couldnt be happier with it. It has truly survived the test of time and will for many more years to come. What a gem to garden in, thank you so much. Please find some before and after photos attached (I have painted mine with shade paint for our intense southern sun). What a difference some love can make.

Angela Cleaver (Gore)

Eden GH812D:


My second hand eden glass house must be 40 years old and as strong and seriously as good as the day it was made- no rust, no bent aluminium,  glass still in, door still works fine, not a issue with it. Built to last things.

– Ian Hamilton

Eden GH68S Glasshouse:

An older model going well….bought and shifted from an old ladies property…needed a good clean. Great fun and we love having a glasshouse.

Melita Johnston (Timaru)

Eden GH810D Glasshouse:

Attached as promise a photo of our ‘Eden Shadehouse’ made from one of your glasshouse frames with the older style aluminium benches on the right and the new ones on the left.

Very happy with your products!

 Jan & Anne of the Herald Island Environmental Group (Auckland)

Eden Plant Benches: 

glasshouse 3


My fantastic edenlite glass house

First new glass house ever

And the best ever

Carolyn Leese (Dunedin)

Eden GH66S Glasshouse: no longer in stock

Eden GH68S Glasshouse:

Another Grand Royal glasshouse

Ecogrow in the Dunedin sunshine

Cucumber plant sowing in Cocopeat

Top of the Range Glasshouse

Very enjoyable setting


Herbs and salad greens for the kitchen- GH64S

Autopot tomatoes and cucumbers

Single Autopot growing beetroot cylinder type

This last Winter, I had tomatoes producing through to August!


7 day growth miracle


Over 40 years old!


Glasshouse all ready to go!

Nearly three decade, three moves, and still going strong

We are loving our new glasshouse, (as does our three-legged cat) and are starting to reap the benefits

A gift from heaven- a rainbow and Ross Allen


Tomatoes already formed waiting for Summer


Our Eden glasshouse in it’s natural habitat


Remarkable- Not the mountains, but my Eden glasshouse

I am really enjoying my Eden glasshouse

Determined to fill every nook and cranny


Getting the Summer crops organised

Four types of tomatoes, snow peas, basil, parsley, and lettuce

Used all year round. An essential component of our garden