Autopot parts

Autopot Parts

Providing Solutions to Your Growing Needs

You can find everything you need to grow a thriving greenhouse garden at Edenlite. Bringing to New Zealand the renowned ‘plant-driven’ growing system Autopot, we make sure that our clients fully enjoy its use with our stock of Autopot parts and accessories. We have everything from Autopots to water tanks, including the nutrient powders that help plants grow successfully.

Making Gardening Easy

Both experienced and entry-level gardeners love the Autopot system. As a plant-driven system, it works with nature to grow beautiful and healthy greenery. It utilises gravity and the plants’ water uptake capacity to ensure that they receive the amount of water they need.

The Autopot has been developed through 30 years of research and innovation and is known for producing incredible yields. It can be used to successfully grow a wide variety of plants ranging from tomatoes to lettuces, even orchids and cacti.

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Expand Your Garden

The Autopot system is so easy to use, you’ll find yourself continuously expanding on a pot-by-pot basis. This is where another Autopot advantage comes in. Without any moving parts to power it, the Autopot system can be easily expanded to accommodate more plants.

For when you decide to expand or modify, Edenlite has a comprehensive selection of components, fittings and spares. Our portfolio includes joints, tubing and filters, allowing you to connect more pots to your water tank.

Treat Yourself to a Visit

Edenlite has display locations in the North and South Island. Our head office is on Gladstone Road, Dunedin and we have a 24/7 outdoor display on Mandeville Street, Christchurch. On the North Island, you can view our greenhouse on Cullimore St Hamilton at Delia’s Little Plant Shop and we have a display being arranged on Wellington. Last but not the least is Auckland’s garden jewel on the side of Mt Eden, Eden Garden.