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About Edenlite

About Edenlite: We are a family firm and our mission here at Edenlite Ltd is to provide the best in glasshouses, greenhouses and growing essentials.

Our manufacturing plant is in Dunedin and we supply to New Zealand and Australia, as well as shipping internationally to numerous other countries.

Why You Should do Gardening

Gardening provides the essence of health and well-being. Many studies about gardening have confirmed the enjoyment and satisfaction of growing your own plants. Experiencing the taste and quality of fruit or vegetables you’ve grown on your own property is extremely gratifying.
This is where glasshouses and greenhouses come in, providing important benefits such as the enhanced growing options with year-round results, insulated from climatic conditions.
Your glasshouse or greenhouse will become a haven where you can retreat from the stress and strain of today’s society and enjoy encouraging nature to provide top-tasting tomatoes, beautiful berries, odiferous orchids and much more.

Why Buy a Glasshouse or Greenhouse?

Few activities compare with glasshouse gardening for relaxation and contentment. Likewise, the vast range of fruit, veges, flowers and herbs you can grow all year round is almost limitless.  Chances are, if you take up gardening or buy a glasshouse, you’ll be hooked for life. That’s why it is so important to make the right choice about what glasshouse you invest in. At Edenlite, we have over 50 years’ experience in making high-quality, easy to assemble aluminium glasshouses. The Eden design incorporates the highest quality Comalco Aluminium and Grade A toughened safety glass. This also uses strong, but slim alloy sections to provide an exceptionally strong and lightweight structure that is windproof and will survive whatever the elements throw at it.

The Eden Range

We are the pioneers of the Aluminium Glasshouse. With the first model built in 1967, we have had over 50 years’ experience at the top level and have thousands of units all over the world. As a result, this experience has paid off and we now have tried and proven models that will not rust, warp, decay or ever need painting. Why? As the inventors of the modern aluminium glasshouse, all out units are 100% aluminium or stainless steel. This ensures a rich investment that will last for a lifetime of gardening satisfaction. Our quality glasshouses also include many standard features such as lockable sliding doors, auto vent openers, and an aluminium base kit to name a few. We also offer a range of other accessories such as plant benches, shade kits, crop support clips, and growing material.

We also have a range of polycarbonate greenhouses, imported from Israel under the brand name Rion. These high-quality units come standard with a 10 year warranty. Similar to our original aluminium range, our polycarbonate Rion greenhouses have been tried and proven for over 30 years throughout Australia and New Zealand. Made from the highest quality PVC resin and twin-wall polycarbonate glazing, these structures will not fade, rot or decay throughout their warranty.

Glass or Polycarbonate?

The respective benefits of glass and the polycarbonate panes is interesting and renders a choice that each individual buyer should consider applicable to their situation. This decision is completely based on buyer preference, as each option is better in its own ways. Glass is timeless and will not break down even after decades of use. However, it’s lifetime can be shortened if it is in an area where it could be smashed. The polycarbonate greenhouses come in two wall options: 1) Dual-walled opaque panes, and 2) Only the ceiling has dual-walled opaque panes. These offer extra insulation from cold and also diffuse the burning rays of the midsummer sun. Glass also allows for more light from the sun, meaning you may need to purchase a shadecloth if you like in a hotter area.

The Autopot System

Are you a busy person wanting top results from your glasshouse or greenhouse with little to no intervention? The the Autopot self-nutrient system is perfect for you. All you need to do is refill the Autopot tank every week or two, and keep on picking the fruit. If you’re a more experienced gardener with time available regularly, we have an excellent range of equipment to suit all your needs.

The enjoyment of growing with hydroponics is within your reach. The Autopot Starter Kit allows everyone to experience professional results from hydroponics. Forget about the complications, complexity and problems of conventional hydroponics systems. Simply plant seedlings or seeds, fill the tank with water, add a measure of nutrient and watch the spectacular results. The results could be on your table before you need to top up the tank again!
Autopot Systems are a patented technique of hydroponics that differs from conventional methods in a number of respects. These make it versatile, effective, inexpensive to run, and capable of operating in a wide range of locations where conventional hydroponics may not be effective. The simplicity of the Autopot system also means that it is simple to use for everyone from school age and up. It’s the ideal way for busy people to experience the benefits of gardening. This also comes with the bonus of providing a huge return in pleasure and produce. However, this comes without a heavy commitment in time or the problems of requiring a specific program of attention.

We’d love to supply you with what we know will give you one of life’s pleasures for years to come!


Conrad Lewis and Tony Bishop.

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