About Us

We are a family firm and our mission here at Edenlite Ltd is to provide the best in glasshouses, greenhouses and growing essentials.

Our manufacturing plant is in Dunedin and we supply to New Zealand and Australia, as well as shipping internationally to numerous other countries.

We have staff and stock in Melbourne and in Scottsdale, Tasmania.

Gardening provides the essence of health and well-being. Many studies are confirming the enjoyment and satisfaction of growing your own plants. Experiencing the taste and quality of fruit or vegetables you’ve grown on your own property is extremely gratifying.
This is where glasshouses and greenhouses come in, providing important benefits such as the enhanced growing options with year-round results, insulated from climatic conditions.
Your glasshouse or greenhouse will become a haven where you can retreat from the stress and strain of today’s society and enjoy encouraging nature to provide top-tasting tomatoes, beautiful berries, odiferous orchids and much much more.
The Eden range consists of glasshouses we manufacture ourselves. These products are made of a quality that has stood the test of time. We also import greenhouses from Israel – the leading manufacturers of polycarbonate products worldwide. These have a ten-year warranty. To save a lot of time and annoyance, ensure you stay away from inferior products.
All of these come in kitset form, and installation services are available in all regions.
We strongly recommend requesting a low-cost pre-purchase visit to your site by one of our experienced product advisers to provide you with a non-obligatory appraisal of various options that would suit your situation.
The respective benefits of glass and the polycarbonate panes is interesting and renders a choice that each individual buyer should consider applicable to their situation. This decision is completely based on buyer preference, as each option is better in its own ways. Glass is timeless and the Eden aluminium for our glasshouses is made by Comalco. Our profiles are very strong and light. The polycarbonate greenhouses come in two wall options: 1) Dual-walled opaque panes, and 2) Only the ceiling has dual-walled opaque panes. These offer extra insulation from cold and diffuse the burning rays of the midsummer sun.

Are you a busy person wanting top results from your glasshouse or greenhouse with little to no intervention? The the Autopot self-nutrient system is perfect for you! All you need to do is refill the Autopot tank every week or two, and keep on picking the fruit! If you’re a more experienced gardener with time available regularly, we have an excellent range of equipment to suit all your needs.

We’d love to supply you with what we know will give you one of life’s pleasures for years to come!


Conrad Lewis and Tony Bishop.

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